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YES, we do custom orders!  The team at Unwired Gadgets have been in the professional electronic tech scene for over 15 years and we can provide recommendations and expert advice to solve your real life problems. If you have a problem, we have the gadget solution!

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Oregon Scientific Boombero NFA Speaker

Utilises Near Field Audio to wirelessly transmit and broadcast your music straight out of the speakers. This device boost almost any media device into room-filling audio without wires or pairing!...


Qi Wireless Charging Station with weather forecast, time and alarm


Charging your phone wirelessly, viewing the projected time and weather conditions on your ceiling whilst you are in bed without having to tilt your head...


Wireless 3 Outlet Mains Controller

Solution for remotely switching devices and appliances on and off. Great gift for grandparents or people with disabilities. Great for home automation projects (Ninja blocks). I use mine to turn the lights off before I go to bed and to remotely turn on the heater on before I get out of...


IR Controlled Wireless Mains Sockets

Device for contolling electronic appliances eg. lights around your house with your existing remote control. ...


Auto off energy saving powerboard with surge protection

Ensure your PC and AV equipment is turned off completely, and not left on unintentionally or in standby mode. This device monitors your TV remote and sequentially turns off power to all your electronics....


Portable High Volume Wireless Door Bell with Strobe for the Hearing Impaired

Door bell specifically designed for elderly, senior citizens or people with disabilities (blind, deaf mobility impaired) who have trouble hearing the doorbell. ...


Universal Wi-Fi Extender

Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and extend the range of existing 802.11b/g/n networks with ease. Just plug the unit into an existing power point in your home and within seconds it will help detect available  Wi-Fi networks and establish connection using the iQ setup. A signal strength LED is featur...


Personal Alarm with Dual 130dB Sirens

Compact design, easy to carry and ideal for use on bags or as a key ring, this personal dual siren alarm is the perfect solution to vulnerable or threatening situations. Deter thieves and attackers with its loud dual 130dB sirens and powerful independent ...


Professional Weather Station with 7 Colour LCD and Solar Powered Sensors Wireless

A professional grade weather station coupled with a 7 colour LCD that will measure almost anything planet earth can throw at it. It's capable of displaying temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, and dew point....


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